Resources Page

(links to my favorite and most often recommended resources)


Local Practitioners

Dr. Rex Crites. Chiropractor/applied kinesiologist in Tualatin…absolutely worth the drive. This is the doc that fixes me up and helps me be able to do what I do without pain or injury. Highly recommended!

Love Acupuncture & Wellness (in Clackamas). Dr. Eric Rosenberg specializes in orthopedic issues, and greatly helped me with an elbow injury I was dealing with.

Mitchell Physical Therapy (in Milwaukie & SE Portland). I consistently hear praise from clients for PT’s Duncan, Tarah and Steve.


Stress Management

Qigong Daily Energy Routine. To recharge, boost the immune system and improve focus/concentration…makes a great AM routine; with Marissa from YOQI

Qigong Mood Lifter. For stress, a bad mood or tension that’s stuck in the body…makes a great PM routine to let go of all the “junk” picked up during the day; with Marissa from YOQI

Primal Qigong for Clearing Emotional Stagnation: with David Boudry. Similar to the Mood Lifter, but with a more masculine/grounding feel.

Donna Eden’s 5 Minute Daily Energy Routine (YouTube video) and the PDF instructions. Donna’s routine is the classic, and what the Qigong Daily Energy Routine above is based on. I recommend trying both, and see which you prefer.

First Aid Stress Tool. A quick self-care tool for stress, anxiety, etc. Print it out, practice a few times & you’ll have it in your back pocket when it’s needed.

Rescue Remedy (original) Flower essence blend to help bring calm during times of stress. I think of flower essences sort of as homeopathy for the emotions. They are super gentle and work on a vibrational level to bring balance. 4 drops directly under the tongue or 4 drops in a glass of water, to be sipped on. There’s an alcohol free version as well: Rescue Remedy (alcohol-free). Rescue Remedy can be found locally at New Season’s, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods or purchased online at

Freedom Flowers Flower Essences. My favorite brand because their blends have worked better than any other brand I’ve tried. 


Tension & Pain

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. If I was stuck on a deserted island with no one to go to for bodywork, I would definitely want this book. This book lets you play detective, working backward to figure out where your soft tissue pain is coming from, and then showing how to work those areas yourself (hands on, or using a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or the TheraCane tool).

Myofascial Release for Tight Neck & Shoulders using a lacrosse ball.

Wall Angel Exercise for rounded shoulders/head forward posture.

Upper Back/Thoracic Stretch that a Biomechanist Swears By.  A 10 second stretch from Katy Bowman; all you need is the back of a chair.

5 Health Benefits of the Legs Up the Wall Stretch. My absolute favorite stretch for tight hamstrings, calves & feet, but the benefits go way beyond that…try it for yourself.

Homeopathic Remedies for Joint & Muscle Pain

On Magnesium: Article #1 (the “why”) and Article #2 (as it relates to hormones). Why magnesium is so important in the body, why it’s difficult to get enough from food sources, and how stress depletes it.

Using Castor Oil Topically: Article #1 and Article#2. I love low tech, simple remedies like this that actually work. I learned about this from a naturopath years ago when I had a wrist sprain. It helped with the inflammation, pain and “clicking” noise, and got me back to work sooner than expected. Tip: a 4 oz bottle will last a long time; and try not to get the oil on your clothes or linens since it’s a thick/waxy oil and no fun to wash out. 

Egoscue Lower Back Postural Rebalancing Routine, Egoscue Upper & Mid Back Routine, The Egoscue DVD (full body routine) These would be the DIY version. If you’d prefer to have a session that customizes the routine for you based on a postural assessment, here’s the link for the main Portland Egoscue Clinic and a local clinic where you can do a single session at a time


Favorite Tools & Products

Omni Neck Pillow. The same neck pillow I use in the office for gentle neck support/traction–the blue contoured one.

The Still Point Inducer. Firm pressure for suboccipitals. Made by the Upledger company which does training for craniosacral therapy. The idea is to allow the body to find its “still point”, which helps the nervous system shift into parasympathetic state or relaxation and healing). But the pressure also feels great on a stuck & tense neck.

Buckwheat Hull Pillow: Small 9 x 14. This is my favorite type of pillow for those with neck pain or headaches because the buckwheat doesn’t compress & then push back on the muscles like standard pillows do. If this brand is out of stock, look for another that’s organic and has a zipper so you can remove some of the hulls if it arrives too full. The smaller size is my everyday pillow & can also be used for travel. Others might prefer the larger size. Buckwheat Hull Pillow: Large 14 x 20.

Zafu Meditation Cushion. Great for spine support/posture. Typically used on the floor, but thinner ones (4-6″ thick) can be used on existing seating for more support & a bit more height.


Other Wellness Resources

Lymphatic Drainage for Sinus/Head Congestion. 7 minute self-care video.

10 Ways to Support the Lymphatic System

Rebounding for Lymph Drainage

Facial GuaSha for Lymphatic Drainage & Anti-Aging

Self Care for Strengthening the Pelvic Floor Using Chapman’s Reflexes

Book on Mind/Body Connection: Your Body Speaks Your Mind, by Deb Shapiro

How Emotional/Mental Stress Can Be a Piece of the Puzzle: List of Conditions/Causes by Louise Hay


Nutrition Info Helpful for Chronic Pain/Inflammation

Nightshade Elimination Diet. For arthritis, chronic pain, etc.

Nutrition Protocol for Pain. From acute phase with injury or inflammation to long term maintenance.

Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. For anyone serious about managing and potentially reversing their autoimmune condition(s). Article #1 (in depth) , Article #2 (good intro) and Article #3 (an excellent summary).

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and an interview on what it’s all about. 

The 21 Day Sugar Detox

The Whole 30. Elimination Diet/Reset.

What’s Wrong With Grains? 10 Reasons to Avoid Them

Adaptogens: Ancient Medicine for 21st Century Stress. Excellent article by Dr. Aviva Romm.


Positive Mindset

Power Word List #1 and Power Word List #2. Based on Danielle LaPorte’s Core Desired Feelings list; can be done anytime, but highly recommended as an end of December ritual, to welcome in the new year with positive intentions. Choose the words that best describe how you’d like to feel…and the narrow it down until you have 3 or 4 Core Desired Feelings that will help you be more intentional and focused throughout the year.

Take Back the Fun. What makes you feel satisfied, alive, enriched or joyful? A great reminder when life starts feeling too rigid or blah.

How Big is Your Circle of Control? This article might be useful if you’re wanting a bit more ease and flow in your life, and looking at things that are outside of your control a bit differently.

Are You Hanging by a Thread? This one is for major stuff…whether it’s happening to you or a friend, you might find the words here a source of comfort.

52 Tips for Happiness & Productivity. Great list, by Leo Babuta.

Motivation Secret: Quit Tomorrow. An out-of-the-box mindset hack for building healthy habits